1/3 of journalists killed in Gaza worked for. . .

These are the ‘journalists’ who just happened to be out and about early on October 7.

By Hugh Fitzgerald, Frontpage Magazine

Much has been made of those mad-dog IDF soldiers who, we are told in the mainstream media, have been killing large numbers of Palestinian journalists in Gaza, presumably because they had seen too much and were reporting on Israeli atrocities and had to be silenced.

It turns out that at least a third of those “journalists” were working either for Hamas or for Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Western press still refuses to report on this. More on the story can be found here: “One-third of journalists killed in Gaza were affiliated with terrorist groups,” by Lahav Harkov, Jewish Insider, May 17, 2024:

One-third of the Palestinian journalists listed by the Committee to Protect Journalists [CPJ] as being killed in the war in Gaza were employed by terrorist groups, Jewish Insider has learned.

The high number of journalists reported by NGOs killed in Gaza has made headlines in the Washington Post, The New York Times and elsewhere, without any mention of their affiliations with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Out of 100 Palestinian journalists on the list on May 17, 33 worked for “Hamas-affiliated” media, such as Al-Aqsa Voice Radio, Al-Quds Al-Youm, Quds News Network and others. Another two worked for Palestinian Islamic Jihad outlets Kan’an and Mithaq Media Foundation

That’s a total of 35 journalists, out of 100 killed, who worked for Hamas- or PIJ- affiliated media.

Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV was named a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the U.S. Treasury Department in 2010; the outlet employed 13 of those listed by CPJ.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) claims that 105 journalists were killed in Gaza, but only lists 23 of them. Several worked for terrorist organizations’ media outlets, but those affiliations are not listed on the RSF website….

If RSF knows that 105 journalists were killed in Gaza, why does it list only 23 of them?

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Is it trying to hide the identities of 82 of them, because it knows they have connections to Hamas and PIJ? What other reason could there possibly be for withholding their names?

Doesn’t this mean that Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is itself complicit with Hamas and PIJ?

CPJ says Ibrahim Mohammad Lafi was shot and killed at the Erez crossing, while RSF said that he was “one of the first reporters to venture out in Gaza on the morning of 7 October.”

Other Gazan news photographers who documented Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on Israeli civilians have been accused of having foreknowledge of the attack.

These “journalists” who just happened to be out and about early on October 7 were clearly in the know about the attack that was taking place at the site of the Nova Peace Party and the kibbutzim.

Indeed, some of them already had their stories about the attacks written as they were happening, which strongly suggests that these journalists accompanied the Hamas killers across the border into Israel and some, the IDF believes, even took part in the atrocities.

Both organizations say that they only included journalists “killed in connection with their work or where there is still some doubt that their death was work-related,” according to CPJ. RSF also noted in a statement to JI that they list journalists “killed in the line of duty or for reasons related to work.”

What line of duty was that? Have the journalists in Gaza been producing unbiased journalism? No, they’ve been serving up propaganda, with stories exaggerating the misery of Gazans and the supposed wanton cruelty of the IDF soldiers.

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They never report on the IDF’s colossal efforts to warn civilians away from areas and buildings about to be targeted: the 15 million text messages, the 18 million prerecorded phone calls, the 100,000 individual phone calls, and the more than 9 million leaflets dropped from planes over Gaza.

These Arab journalists in Gaza unquestioningly repeat the exaggerated figures put out by Hamas for women and children casualties, even after Western statisticians, headed by Abraham Wyner of Wharton, have shown them to be false.

They write stories favorable to Hamas and PIJ, for whom at least 33 of the 105 journalists killed were known to have been working.

But the mainstream press all over the Western world has yet to report on this scandalous fact.

What will it take for the MSM to report the truth about those martyred “journalists” who were working as propagandists for the recognized terror groups Hamas and PIJ?