1 man. 1 woman. 21 children!!!

 Extremely rare: Israeli family welcomes 21st child to the family!!!  

By Zevi Pilzer, World Israel News

Taking the Biblical command “Be fruitful and multiply” to heart, the ultra-orthodox Lifkowitz family from the city of Bnei Brak in central Israel welcomed the birth of their 21st child, as a new baby daughter, who  was born at the local “Maaynei Hayeshua” hospital.

“Behadrei Haredim” website reported that this is the 20th time the 45-year-old mother, Hani Lifkowitz, has given birth, with a set of twins being one of them.

While the birth rate in Israel is the highest in the western world, averaging over 3 children per family, (which is far above the average in the US, EU and other OECD countries), 21 children is never-the-less impressive, even for the ultra-orthodox community which averages just over 7 children per family.

We can only wish them much health, happiness and… mazal tov!