100 suspected Omicron cases in PA tested in Israel

Tests were taken from Palestinians who returned from abroad.


The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Health Ministry has transferred 100 coronavirus tests to Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel for an in-depth examination to determine if the new Omicron variant has arrived in the PA.

PA Minister Mae al-Kaila told the Voice of Palestine radio on Sunday that the tests were taken from PA residents who had recently returned from abroad.

So far, no cases of the variant have been discovered in the PA.

In Israel, the health system is still closely monitoring the spread of the Omicron variant in the country.

As of Friday, seven Israelis have been confirmed as infected with the new strain, according to data from the Ministry of Health, and there are another 27 suspected cases. The results of their tests have not yet been completely analyzed.

In an interview on Israel Radio on Sunday, Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash said that “it is impossible to sound the all-calm siren about the Omicron. It is still spreading in South Africa and we do not know the data on its resistance to vaccines.”

As a precaution against Omicron, Israel implemented new travel restrictions last week.