1,000 terrorists captured in Judea and Samaria since start of war

 IDF forces arrested 1,000 terrorists from various cities across Judea and Samaria in connection to Hamas.


At the end of what the IDF called an “extensive arrest operation” to thwart terrorism and confiscate weapons overnight in Judea and Samaria, more than 60 wanted terrorists were arrested, of whom 46 are operatives in the terrorist organization Hamas. Since the beginning of the war in Gaza the IDF has captured about 1000 wanted terrorists in those areas, 660 of whom are affiliated with Hamas.

In what the IDF described as a divisional operation, forces arrested 13 operatives of the terrorist organization Hamas. At the same time, in a brigade operation in Judea, 18 Hamas operatives were also arrested, and weapons and incendiary materials were confiscated.

The forces arrested a wanted man in the city of Tubas and confiscated two M-16 weapons. When the forces left the detention center, a violent disturbance developed that included throwing charges and throwing stones at the forces, who responded by returning fire.

The IDF and Israel Police continue to secure the entire country from terrorist groups while the military continues its buildup along the border with Gaza.