18-year-old woman stabbed in apparent terrorist attack in Afula

An 18-year-old woman is in critical condition after being stabbed in an apparent terror attack in Afula Monday. 

By: World Israel News Staff  

An 18-year-old woman was stabbed and seriously wounded in the northern city of Afula on Monday in a suspected terror attack, authorities said.

The young woman managed to take a few steps before collapsing near a coffee shop in the northern city.

The woman, who was on her way to take a matriculation test in mathematics, said that an Arab who yelled something in Arabic, stabbed her.

The woman was rushed to the local hospital with serious wounds.

The assailant who fled the scene of the attack, was apprehended by police after a short search. The stabber was identified as a Palestinian man in his 30s from the city of Jenin, located in Samaria.

The medics who treated the woman said that there was much chaos at the scene of the stabbing. They said they found the victim sitting on a chair at the entrance to one of the stores on the street.