194 attacks on Jews reported in NYC since 2018 – but just two assailants given jail time

Report finds 97% of assaults on New York Jews were carried out by non-whites, with 94% of victims coming from the haredi Orthodox sector.

By World Israel News Staff

Nearly two hundred cases of Jews being physically or verbally assaulted in New York City were reported since 2018, a new report reveals, yet only two cases ended in prison sentences for the offenders.

The report, published by Americans Against Antisemitism (AAA), found that from April, 2018 and August, 2022, there were 194 attacks on Jews in the City of New York, with most cases (154) involving physical attacks, and 40 which were solely verbal assaults.

Drawing on data from the AAA’s Hate Crimes Accountability Project, the Americans Against Antisemitism report revealed that in a majority of cases, the assailants faced no punishment whatsoever, with only two receiving prison terms.

In less than half the cases, the perpetrator was arrested, with fewer than half of those arrested being charged, and fewer than half of those charged being convicted.

The overwhelming majority (94%) of the victims targeted in the attacks were haredi Orthodox, with a majority (52%) coming from the Hasidic community.

The report also broke down the cases by the ethnicity of the perpetrator, when the assailant was identified.

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Of the 194 attacks, in 99 instances the assailants’ race or ethnicity was reported.

Non-Hispanic whites made up just 3% of those cases, with 97% of attacks in which the assailant’s identity was reported being perpetrated by ethnic minorities.

More than two-thirds (69%) of attacks were carried out by blacks, 17% by Asians (including Arabs), and 11% by Hispanics.

Less than a quarter (22%) of the attacks were carried out by teenagers, with a similar percentage (23%) being carried out by groups of perpetrators.

The vast majority (151 out of 194) of the attacks took place in just four neighborhoods in the borough of Brooklyn, with the biggest hotspots being Williamsburg, where 29% of the attacks occurred, Flatbush/Midwood, where 29% of attacks were reported, followed by Crown Heights with 25%, and Boro Park/Kensington with 14%.