2 bombs tied to balloons explode in Israeli community near Gaza

Palestinian terrorists launched an airborne attack on an Israeli community in the Gaza belt today, sending explosives over the border using balloons.


Gaza-based Terrorists on Wednesday launched two explosive charges tied to balloons towards the Eshkol Region near the border with the Strip.

The charges exploded in midair above an Israeli community but caused no injuries or damage.

Terrorists in Gaza have increased attacks on Israeli communities surrounding the Strip in recent days, prompting the IDF to attack Hamas targets in response.

On Tuesday evening, the Israeli Air Force completed strikes on multiple targets in the coastal enclave following explosive-based attacks by Palestinians earlier in the day.

Since Hamas launched its violent “March of Return” riots last March, airborne arson attacks have remained a popular form of terrorism for rioters, many of whom are compensated by the terror group for participating in the unrest, which includes sniper attacks on IDF soldiers, attempts to breach the security barrier, and IED offensives to damage infrastructure and inflict harm on Israelis.

The airborne terror alone, which relies on crude readily available materials such as kites and balloons to start fires in Israel, has burned thousands of acres of Israeli farmland and nature preserves, racking up millions of dollars in damage and decimating agriculture in Israel’s Gaza Belt communities.

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While kite and balloon terror trailed off for several months, it never ended completely, with attacks increasing in frequency again over the past several weeks.