2 ISIS terrorists indicted for attempting to blow up Knesset

The men are charged with attempted use of a weapon for terrorist purposes.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Two ISIS-affiliated terrorists were indicted on Monday for attempting to blow up the Knesset, marking the second time this month that an ISIS plot has been uncovered, reported Ynet.

Mustafa Abdel Nabi and Ahmed Natsha are from the Ras al-Amud neighborhood and were arrested through a joint operation including the Jerusalem District Police and Shin Bet.

The pair attempted to detonate a truck with a full tank of gas close to the Knesset with the intention of blowing up the building.

Sapir Mordechai of the Jerusalem District Attorney’s office filed the indictment which charges the men with attempted use of a weapon for terrorist purposes.

They were also charged with training or instruction in a terrorist act, membership in a terrorist organization, and obstruction of justice.

Abdel and Natsha were on the radar of the police and Shin Bet for several months after they hung many Hamas flags in their neighborhood immediately following the October 7th massacre.

After informing the Jerusalem district police of the threat, one was arrested in early December, and upon interrogation revealed the existence of his accomplice, who was then arrested three weeks later.

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When investigators searched their homes, they discovered materials that are used to make explosives as well as a number of ISIS flags.

They also recovered a notebook with instructions on making explosives.

Abdel and Natsha were detained and questioned by authorities in late December, and the court has extended their detention.

According to the police statement, the pair had watched many clips produced by the Islamic extremist group on Telegram and internet sites, including violent content and videos of their murderous rampages in Arab countries.

Influenced by what they saw, they began learning “how to prepare the charges and the means of sabotage with which they planned to carry out the attacks.”