Israeli forces prevent another Jerusalem terror attack, Palestinians with weapons arrested at checkpoint

Security forces prevented another deadly attack in the capital on Wednesday.

By Pesach Benson, TPS

Israeli security forces arrested two Palestinian Arab terror suspects at a checkpoint in eastern Jerusalem on Wednesday morning.

Their behavior raised the suspicion of Border Police officers manning the checkpoint in the suburb of Abu Dis. After searching the car, the officers seized a disassembled M16 rifle, a cartridge, ammunition and binoculars.

The two suspects are from Abu Dis and Bethlehem.

A number of recent Arab terror attacks took place at Jerusalem checkpoints.

On Monday evening, Border Police Staff Sgt. Asil Sawaed was killed at a checkpoint at the northern entrance of Jerusalem. He boarded a bus that arrived to make a routine security check when a 13-year-old Arab boy pulled out a knife and stabbed Sawaed. A civilian guard aboard the bus fired at the assailant but the bullet hit Sawaed.

The boy, identified as Muhammad Bassel Fathi Zalbani, was detained but was not hurt.