3 IDF soldiers wounded, 2 terrorists killed in overnight counter-terror op

IDF forces encountered violent resistance while conducting a counter-terror operation against Palestinian terrorism.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Three IDF soldiers were wounded during a Palestinian terror attack while conducting a counter-terror operation in Qalandia, north of Jerusalem.

Israeli forces were searching for weapons and operating to arrest terror suspects late Tuesday night when they were attacked in two separate incidents by Palestinian terrorists who attempted to run them down with their vehicles.

In one incident, three soldiers were wounded, one of them moderately and two sustained light wounds. They shot and killed the terrorist.

The IDF is investigating the possibility that the three were wounded by friendly fire.

In a second incident, the soldiers shot and killed the terrorist as he attempted to run them down.

Palestinian sources identified the two terrorists as Ahmad Jahajha, a 21-year-old resident of Qalandiya, and Hikmat Hamdan, 29, from the nearby town of el-Bireh.

The wounded soldiers, who sustained gun shot wounds to their limbs, were evacuated to a hospital in Jerusalem.

IDF troops operating throughout the camp encountered Palestinian resistance and rioting.

IDF forces encountered violent resistance while operating in Qalandia last month to demolish a home of a terrorist. Terrorists opened fire on the soldiers, who responded with gunfire, killing two terrorists. There were no Israeli casualties.