3 Jerusalem Arabs arrested for abusing helpless ultra-Orthodox victim

Three Arabs from eastern Jerusalem abused and humiliated a disabled ultra-Orthodox man on a train while posting it live on Tiktok.

By World Israel News

Police on Sunday evening received a report about the abuse of an ultra-Orthodox man by three eastern Jerusalem Arabs, the Kikar Hashabbat website reported.

The abuse, which took place in the Old City of Jerusalem, was distributed live on TikTok, showing the disabled victim being instructed to follow orders such as jumping on the spot, sitting down, lifting a leg — all the while being insulted and humiliated by the perpetrators.

Police began searching for the suspects and apprehended them several hours later.

The suspects — 13, 16 and 30 years old — were taken for interrogation and apprehended. They claimed they were merely joking around.

“In keeping with the policies of Jerusalem district commander Doron Turgeman, all of the units in the district are committed to dealing firmly and without compromise to locate, investigate, and handle suspects who carry out crimes while filming unacceptable actions, then spreading them on social media – adding ‘sin to the crime,’” the Jerusalem District Police stated.

The police “will continue to fight offenses of abuse, violence and humiliation, especially those committed against the helpless, and prosecute those involved. Documenting such illegal acts and spreading them on the social network is even more serious,” the statement said.

Last weekend, two Arab men were arrested for abusing a helpless ultra-Orthodox man on the train and documenting the act, according to Kikar Hashabbat. Jerusalem District Police Station arrested two suspects for assault, which included spraying water on the victim.

Last April, in the wake of a rising number of Arab attacks on Jews that were posted to social media apps like TikTok, a Knesset bill was put forward aimed at stopping the phenomenon.