3 Palestinians cross border into Israel before backtracking under fire

Three Palestinian suspects breached the security fence along the Israel-Gaza border as violence continued throughout the day on Sunday.

By: World Israel News Staff

Violence along the Israel-Gaza border continued Sunday afternoon as Hamas terrorists opened fire on IDF troops, forcing Israel to respond.

No injuries were reported on the Israeli side. It is unclear if there were any casualties among the Palestinians.

Also, three suspects breached the security fence before backtracking. The IDF fired at them in response.

The army said it was investigating the incident.

A week ago Friday, 15 Palestinians were killed and more than 750 wounded by Israeli fire as 30,000 Gazan protesters marched to the border with Israel in a violent demonstration organized by Hamas. Thousands of Palestinians threw rocks and rolled burning tires toward troops, while terrorists were trying to conduct attacks under the cover of protests.

With the situation at the border heating up weeks in advance, “the IDF prepared ahead of time with a large, well-trained contingent of troops with the ability to respond to a variety of eventualities in several locales.” the army said. “We will not allow any violation of Israeli sovereignty or of defensive infrastructure along the border. The Hamas terror organization is endangering the residents of the Strip and using them as protective cover for terror activity. The Hamas terror organization bears full responsibility for all these events and their consequences.”

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Hamas, the Islamic terror group which has ruled Gaza since a 2007 takeover and calls for Israel’s destruction, has called for a series of protests until May 15, the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel, which the Palestinians observe as Nakba Day, meaning Day of Catastrophe.