4 mortars launched from Gaza Strip, IDF returns fire

The IDF reported that Hamas fired four mortars at Israel on Tuesday. 

By World Israel News Staff

Four mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, the Israel Defense Forces reported.

The IDF responded by shelling an observation post belonging to the Hamas terror organization near the Gaza border, website 0404 reports.

Only one of the mortars made it onto Israeli territory, landing in an open field. No injuries were reported.

The other three landed within the Hamas side of the Gaza fence.

The Hamas observation post struck by the IDF was empty.

It’s not clear if Hamas carried out the attack or another terror group. According to Hamas, recent attacks have been carried out by individuals and other organizations. Israeli pundits and politicians have also said that Hamas is not interested in escalation at this time.

However, Hamas rhetoric hasn’t changed and its leaders continue to call for Israel’s destruction.

The attack comes one day after Israel halved fuel shipments to the Strip after rockets launched at Israel on Saturday night caused thousands to run screaming for the exits at “Live Sderot” – an end-of-summer concert taking place in the city of Sderot, which borders the Gaza Strip.

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Tensions in the south have heated up over the last few weeks, including several attempts by terrorists to infiltrate the border fence and carry out attacks against Israeli civilians. None of those attempts were successful.