56% of hate crimes in Toronto are aimed at Jews

Antisemitism fueling rise in hate crimes in Toronto, police say.

By World Israel News Staff

A surge in antisemitism is fueling a rise in the number of hate crimes in Canada’s largest city, according to data collected by the Toronto Police Department.

On Monday, Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw provided an update on hate crimes in the city, revealing that the Jewish community remains the group most targeted by hate crimes in Toronto.

Not only are Jews the most targeted group for hate crimes in the city, an absolute majority of hate crimes in Toronto targeted Jews.

Jews make up just 3.5% of the city’s overall population of 2.795 million.

According to the just-released figures, of the 84 hate crimes committed so far in Canada’s largest city in 2024, 56% targeted members of the Jewish community. February saw the highest number of antisemitic incidents in the last three years.

Since October 7, hate crimes in Toronto have increased by 93% compared to the same period last year.

“To no one’s surprise, the Jewish community continues to see a serious increase in antisemitic incidents in the aftermath of October 7,” said Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) President and CEO Michael Levitt.

“Sadly, this scourge isn’t limited to Toronto but is also evident in other Canadian cities. Most disturbingly, hate and intimidation targeting the Jewish community are becoming increasingly normalized and widespread – online, on our streets and in our own backyard.”

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“An all-hands-on-deck approach is needed to tackle this deeply troubling situation that Toronto Jews and Jews across the country are experiencing.”

“In the face of this crisis of hate for the Jewish community, it can’t be business as usual for our political and law enforcement leaders. Now more than ever, we need to hear not just words, but to see concrete actions to address the scourge.”