8-year-old Israeli chess prodigy takes 2nd in European chess championship

An eight-year-old Israeli chess prodigy won second place in a chess championship held in Romania.

By World Israel News Staff

Israel has produced another chess prodigy.

Eight-year-old Or Shatil took second place in the European School Chess Championships, held last week in Mamia, Romania.

Shatil triumphed over the undefeated Ismayilova Khanim, who is from Azerbaijan.

Shatil started at a disadvantage, as she was playing the black pieces. White pieces have a slight advantage, as the first move in a round is made with a white piece.

Shatil’s win is made more significant as Israeli players have faced severe discrimination by countries hostile to the Jewish State. Numerous stories of anti-Semitism have been publicized against Israelis participating in various competitions worldwide.

For example, 15-year-old Iranian chess champion Alireza Firouzja refused to compete with Israeli Or Bronstein at the Grenke Chess Open, held in Germany this past April.

Iranian chess player Aryan Gholami forfeited his chance to win $10,000 when he balked at playing with Israeli Ariel Erenberg at the Rilton Cup, held in Sweden in January.

In July 2018, seven-year-old Israeli chess champ Liel Levitan was denied the chance to compete in the World Chess Championship in Tunisia, due to her nationality.

Recognizing that this type of discrimination is becoming more common place, Israeli chess player Lior Aizenberg founded the World Alternative Championship. Competitors from all over the world, including Arab countries, are invited to compete in Israel, where there is no discrimination against any people or nationality.