Palestinian twin sisters arrested for producing bombs

Radicalized by online incitement, Palestinian twin sisters turned to terror.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Israeli security forces arrested Palestinian twin sisters on suspicion that they ran an explosive production lab out of their home, the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) announced on Monday.

The two, Diana and Nadia Hawila, 18 of Tul-Karem, were arrested on December 15 after a search in their home revealed various explosives devices including pipe bombs, chemicals for producing explosives, a knife, Hamas headbands and other materials used for violent demonstrations.

The investigation showed that Diana was the one who purchased the materials used to make the bombs, and watched online instructive clips to learn how to make them.

She planned to use the bombs against Israelis, the Shin Bet stated.

Her sister Nadia is suspected of concealing the bombs after they were produced.

Diana was radicalized by online Islamic sermons which called for Muslim women to take a greater role in terrorist activities against Israel and Jews, the Shin Bet pointed out.

The two have been indicted in a Samaria military court in recent days. Diana is charged with explosives production and weapons trafficking offenses, and Nadia is charged with weapons trafficking.

“This incident emphasizes again the existing motivation to carry out terrorist attacks, including by those who are not members of terror organizations, among them women. Furthermore, there is a substantial growing use of the internet for the purpose of producing weapons for terror attacks and for conveying inciting messages,” the Shin Bet stated.

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This is the third Israeli bust of a Palestinian terror cell in the Tul-Karem area in recent days.