Montreal Jewish community targeted again as shots fired at yeshiva

The shooting at the yeshivah is yet another incident in a spate of antisemitic incidents targeting the Montreal Jewish community.

By World Israel News Staff

Gunshots were heard at a Yeshiva Gedola in Montreal at 5 am on Sunday and police were immediately called to the scene.

When the authorities arrived at the yeshiva on Deacon Road in the Cotes-des-Nieges neighborhood, they discovered bullet holes in the building, as well as casings outside according to the Canadian public broadcaster CBC.

There were no injuries and no arrests have been made. Police reported that witnesses said they saw a vehicle fleeing the scene while the shots were heard.

This is the third incident involving bullets fired at a Jewish educational institution in Montreal in less than a week.

On Thursday morning, it was discovered that two Jewish schools in Montreal had been shot up, with multiple bullet holes found in school buildings.

No injuries were reported in either attack, and the schools appear to have been empty at the time of the shootings.

Similarly, a fight broke out at Montreal’s Concordia University on Wednesday when a Jewish student handing out flyers with pictures of Israeli captives in Gaza was harassed by other students and called a “kike.” As an anti-Israel student activist attempted to grab the flyers, other students participated in the brawl.

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Professor Yanise Arab joined in, cursing female Jewish students, using the Arabic slur of “Sharmouta,” which is translated as “whore” or “bitch.”

Professor Arab also told the Jewish students to “Go back to Poland.”