A frustrated Biden berates Netanyahu, calls him ‘a–hole’ and ‘pain in my a–‘

Some reports suggesting Biden called the Israeli Prime Minister a ‘bad actor.’

By World Israel News Staff

President Biden has expressed frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in private conversations, as per a recent report.

According to NBC News, sources familiar with the matter revealed that Biden feels Netanyahu is making his efforts to secure a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict difficult.

“He just feels like this is enough. It has to stop,” one source stated.

Descriptions of Biden’s interactions with Netanyahu reportedly include disdainful references to him as ‘this guy.’ Additionally, sources claim Biden has used derogatory language, referring to Netanyahu as ‘a pain in my a–‘, an ‘a–hole,’ and ‘he’s been killing me lately.’

While Biden initially spoke positively about Netanyahu, he has recently become more critical, indicating extreme frustration that Netanyahu is not supporting his efforts.

This report follows Netanyahu’s praise for Biden’s clarity and focus during an ABC interview. “I found him very clear and very focused,” Netanyahu said, noting their agreements and occasional disagreements.

Biden’s spokesperson Andrew Bates shared Netanyahu’s remarks on social media, affirming Biden’s focus and clarity in their discussions.

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The Biden administration has faced pressure, both internally and externally, to push for an immediate cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In a letter published on Medium, 17 current Biden for President staffers urged him to publicly advocate for a cessation of violence.

Critics have accused Biden of privately expressing disdain for Netanyahu, with some reports suggesting he called the Israeli Prime Minister a ‘bad actor.’

However, the White House has denied such claims, emphasizing a respectful relationship between Biden and Netanyahu both publicly and in private.