A Mostly Peaceful Castration: CNN Eulogizes a Terrorist

CNN reports Daqqa was ‘seen as a terrorist’ after his conviction for orchestrating the 1984 abduction, torture, and murder of Moshe Tamam, a 19-year-old Israeli soldier.

By Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon

CNN has done it again, folks. This time, instead of celebrating the “mostly peaceful” rioters hurling Molotov cocktails for racial justice, the esteemed news network has published a nice little eulogy for a terrorist.

Here’s how CNN reported the death of Walid Daqqa: “Terminally ill Palestinian prisoner dies after 38 years in Israeli custody.” That was only slightly better than Amnesty International’s description of Daqqa as “a 62-year-old Palestinian writer” whose death in prison was “a cruel reminder of Israel’s disregard for Palestinians’ right to life.”

Several paragraphs later, CNN explains that Daqqa was “seen as a terrorist” after his conviction for orchestrating the 1984 abduction, torture, and murder of Moshe Tamam, a 19-year-old Israeli soldier. Indeed, that doesn’t seem like an entirely unfair characterization, especially given the horrific details of the case, which do not appear in the CNN article.

“Walid Daqqah and his collaborators gouged out Moshe’s eyes and cut off parts of his body, including castrating him,” the Times of Israel recounted in 2023 after Amnesty International demanded the terrorist’s release from prison. “Lastly, they took Moshe to an olive grove and shot him dead. His corpse was left there to be found.”

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As a result of his role in the ghastly murder, CNN explained, Daqqa had become “a symbol of [the Palestinian] struggle for liberation from Israel.” Daqqa’s admirers presumably included some of the current and former CNN journalists who have publicly denounced Israel and praised Hamas terrorists.

CNN published the eulogy several hours after its correspondent Omar Jimenez, best known for reporting live from the “mostly peaceful” riots in Kenosha, Wis., wrote a widely mocked post on social media about the death of a Chicago man who allegedly opened fire on police officers.

“How did a traffic stop for not wearing a seatbelt end with 96 gunshots, an injured officer, and a dead 26-year-old?” the CNN reporter wrote. “Some say it was because Dexter Reed fired at officers first, as the initial investigation shows. Some believe the stop never should’ve happened in the first place.”

CNN and other “mainstream” media companies have struggled to attract viewers since former president Donald Trump left office in 2021. The network announced an additional round of layoffs earlier this year as ratings continue to plummet.