Abbas fails to garner European support for ‘Palestine’

Abbas flew to Brussels to seek official and immediate recognition of a Palestinian state but failed to generate support.

By: World Israel News Staff

Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas urged the European Union (EU) countries to recognize the ‘State of Palestine’ but failed to garner any substantial support.

In a joint press conference on Monday with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini in Brussels, Abbas insisted that the only way to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians is through negotiations “under international supervision.” He stressed the importance of the EU’s political involvement in order to ensure that the issues discussed are “justly resolve[d].”

The EU is one of the “most important partners contributing in the establishment of the institutions of the Palestinian state” through economic and financial support, he said.

Notwithstanding the ongoing incitement in the PA-administered territories and the PA’s funding of terror, Abbas reiterated what he described as his “commitment to fighting racism, violence, and extremism, on a local, regional and international level despite any obstacles that might get in the way of a political solution.”

Abbas further called to implement the United Nations’ Security Council and General Assembly resolutions against Israel on the ground. He said the EU is “a true peace partner in the region,” calling on the EU countries to “swiftly” recognize the “State of Palestine,” a step which he claimed would not create an obstacle to peace negotiations.

“This would encourage the Palestinian people to keep hoping for peace and to wait until peace is brought about,” Abbas stated.

European diplomats and officials told AFP that recognition of Palestine is not an option, that the EU leaves such a move in the hands of individual states, and that the best that Abbas could hope for is progress towards an “association agreement” with the bloc.

Last week, in a fiery speech during which he cursed President Donald Trump for his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Abbas voiced support for acts of violence against Israel.

According to the Palestinians, ever since President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last month, the US can no longer serve as a broker in the diplomatic process, and therefore the PA is seeking what it would consider a more favorable international mediator.

The Palestinians said they would “continue complying with the treaties that we signed,” calling on Israel to do the same.

However, the Palestinian Central Council (PCC), a supreme decision-making body, last week announced an escalation of the PA’s diplomatic actions against Israel through the annulment of the Oslo peace accords and withdrawal of its recognition of Israel.

Abbas’ visit in Brussels occurred simultaneously with Vice President Mike Pence’s current trip to the Middle East, which excludes Ramallah. The Palestinians, infuriated by Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, have said they would refuse to meet with Pence.