Abbas: Palestinians will achieve independence through the UN

Abbas stated he is sure the world will impose a unilateral solution on Israel during 2017, which will lead to Palestinain statehood.  

Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas stated that he is certain that the Palestinians will achieve statehood in the coming year, and that the Israeli communities in Judea, Samaria and part of Jerusalem will be removed to make room for the Palestinian state.

Addressing the Fatah convention on Wednesday in a speech that lasted three hours, Abbas said that the Palestinians would achieve full independence through diplomacy and international resolutions and the United Nations (UN) and that “only patience is needed.”

Abbas expressed hope that President-elect Donald Trump would support the Palestinian quest for independence, saying little is known about the incoming American leader’s policies. However, Trump’s statements during his campaign left only slim expectations that he would support a unilateral recognition of Palestine, which is what Abbas seeks.

“That which happened in 1948, will not happen again,” he said, relating to the Arab loss to the Jews in Israel’s War of independence.

Abbas declared he is proud of the Oslo Accords with Israel, adding that since the process began, some 600,000 Arabs have come “to the homeland,” as he put it.

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The Palestinian leader also praised the Shahids, the so-called “martyrs” who died while leading terrorism or carrying out terror attacks against Israelis, including Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of the Hamas terror organization who was assassinated by Israel.

On Tuesday, the 81-year-old was unanimously elected to another five-year term as leader of the party, which he has led since 2004. He has been the head of the PA since 2005, although has mandate ended in 2009.

By: World Israel News Staff