Actor Michael Douglas visits Oct 7th sites, says anti-Israel protesters are ‘brainwashed’

Michael Douglas: ‘When you try to talk to many of them (anti-Israel protesters), there is no education, there’s no knowledge.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

During his visit to Israel, Legendary actor Michael Douglas told Israeli President Isaac Herzog that anti-Israel protesters in the US are “brainwashed.”

Of the university students who set up encampments across the US and prevented Jewish students from accessing campus facilities, Douglas said they have undergone “brainwashing… because when you try to talk to many of them, there is no education, there’s no knowledge.”

The son of an Oscar-winning Jewish actor, the late Kirk Douglas, visited the site of the Supernova music festival, kibbutz Be’eri, where he met with families of hostages and survivors.

Douglas said, “We have met with families of the hostages. We spent the day today in the south in the area close to Be’eri and saw the Nova exhibition.”

Regarding Be’eri, Douglas said it was “tough in Be’eri, seeing what happened.”

Be’eri was one of the most aggressively attacked of the Kibbutzim on October 7th, where 100 people were murdered and 30 were taken hostage.

Douglas said, “It’s a very difficult time. The deep shock of this whole experience. We’re just happy to be here in support of Israel and to share with you the fact that America is definitely your ally, as our president has shared with you.”

He added, “I just hope that the latest negotiations will be reached, and the hostages will be back soon.”

During their meeting, Herzog presented Douglas with a yellow hostage pin and a dog tag with the words, “Our heart is held captive in Gaza.”

Douglas is one of many celebrities who have visited the site of the Hamas invasion and massacre.

Recently, comedian Jerry Seinfeld told Bari Weiss that his trip to the devastated kibbutzim was “the most powerful experience of my life.”