Alarming tunneling sounds heard by Israelis near Netanya

Three inspections from a variety of sources were conducted by the government.


The Israeli military is checking into complaints by residents of Bat Hefer, a village east of Netanya that borders the Green Line, of tunneling sounds coming from the direction of Palestinian Authority-controlled areas.

Residents say they hear tunneling originating from Shuweika, a satellite village of Tulkarem, in the direction of Bat Hefer.

The Hefer Valley Regional Council carried out inspections in an effort to allay residents’ concerns.

“We take the reports very seriously and are working overtime to check the issue in a comprehensive and professional manner, using various methods,” the council said.

“So far, three checks have been carried out in relation to the tunneling, and two more checks will be carried out in the coming days. So far, no findings have been found that indicate tunneling,” it added.

The first professional inspection was carried out on Nov. 2 by a company hired by the council.

Two weeks later, a second inspection was conducted by the IDF Home Front Command at the request of the council.

A third inspection was conducted by the Defense Ministry’s Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure in coordination with the council and the council’s engineer.

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Hamas in Gaza makes extensive use of terror tunnels as does Hezbollah in Lebanon, whose plot to invade Israel was foiled in late 2018 when the IDF carried out “Operation Northern Shield.”

However, no tunnels originating from P.A.-controlled territory have been identified to date.