All the aid from Biden’s Gaza pier was seized by Hamas

Meanwhile, politicians and the media keep lying about Israel causing a ‘humanitarian crisis.’

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine

If you’re keeping track, Biden announced that America was going to spend two months building a floating pier to deliver aid to Gaza at a cost of $300 million that would be operated by the U.S. military.

Then the pier came under attack by terrorists, was withdrawn to the Israeli port of Ashdod for repairs while the Biden administration conducted backchannel talks with Hamas urging it not to attack the pier, then redeployed for aid deliveries and it’s been a smashing success.

For Hamas.

The good news was that the Pentagon press secretary announced that 569 metric tons of humanitarian assistance has been delivered across the temporary pier in Gaza.

The bad news was that according to the same press secretary, none of the aid has gotten through to any recognized aid distribution points.

Did the aid get to the people of Gaza? “I do not believe so,” he answered.

So they’re now looking for “alternate routes”.

Meanwhile, politicians and the media keep lying about Israel causing a “humanitarian crisis” when indeed the only aid to Gaza is coming through Israel because Egypt blocked its crossing into Rafah once all the tunnels going from Egypt to Rafah were exposed once the Israelis went in (which they weren’t supposed to because that would expose all the tunnels.)

Egypt isn’t getting blamed for ‘starving’ Gazans, Israel is. In reality, there’s plenty of food in Gaza because we keep sending food. Hamas and other armed groups then steal the food and resell it.

It’s no surprise to any of the so-called aid groups because this is exactly what Islamic terrorists have been doing to them in Yemen, Afghanistan and all around the world. They know it works this way and they’re lying about it every day.

So is the Biden administration. After building its very own shiny delivery system into Gaza, it can’t actually deliver the aid because it’s being stolen. And somehow that too will be Israel’s fault.

Meanwhile, Hamas has pocketed millions more in profits from the aid that it’s being sent to resell to Gazans. At this rate, the longer the war runs, the more money it makes.

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