Amazon setting up shipping center in Israel

Amazon move will drastically affect prices. 

By: World Israel News Staff

US e-commerce giant Amazon is preparing to set up a local 270,000 square-foot shipping and logistics center in central Israel, the Calcalist reported on Sunday.

Amazon is reportedly negotiating the lease of warehouses in Israel for operational activities and for supplying the local market, Calcalist reported.

If the plan succeeds, Amazon will also launch a targeted website for Israeli consumers.

Amazon is reportedly in the process of learning the Israeli market to get insights into local consumer habits.

Amazon products presently shipped to Israel come from Europe-based distribution centers.

The new warehouse could lower Amazon’s prices for the Israeli consumer and significantly reduce the company’s delivery times.

The Israeli consumer has increasingly turned to the internet for shopping in recent years. In 2015 Israelis were the third largest per-capita online international consumers. According to Paypal data, in 2016 Israeli consumers spent $3.36 billion on online shopping, and this year they are predicted to spend $4 billion, an increase of 18 percent.