Amid Iran tensions, Israel leads France, Greece, Cyprus in joint naval drill

This is the first time France and Cyprus participated in Israel’s annual international joint naval exercise “Noble Dina.”

By World Israel News Staff and TPS

The annual international joint naval exercise “Noble Dina,” led by the Israeli Navy and conducted west of Cyprus, recently came to a close.

Israeli Navy vessels simulated different scenarios alongside Greek, French, and Cypriot fleets and strengthened the cooperation between the navies, the IDF said.

This was the first time France and Cyprus joined the annual drill.

Israel sent a Saar 4.5 class frigate and a submarine.

During the five-day Noble Dina exercise, scenarios tested by six vessels included an anti-submarine system, search and rescue scenarios, and a drill simulating war between the ships.

“The purpose of the exercise, which takes place every year, is to strengthen the cooperation between the fleets and deepen the professional knowledge,” the IDF stated.

“The exercise contributed greatly to the strengthening of cooperation and knowledge between the various fleets, as well as to the strengthening of the common language between the participating bodies,” the military added.

Israeli Rear Admiral Eyal Harel, head of Naval Operations, stated on Friday that “These drills are of utmost importance to strengthen the Israeli Navy’s relations with foreign navies of shared interests.”

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Earlier in the week, Iran announced via state TV that one of its cargo vessels was targeted in a “terrorist attack” in the Mediterranean Sea.

There were no casualties from the blast, which Ali Ghiasian, spokesman for Iran’s state shipping line, said was caused by an “explosives device” that damaged the ship’s hull.

On Saturday, Reuters reported that local media were quoting an Iranian investigator who blamed the incident on Israel.