Analysis: Why Israel should care about North Korea

With Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran, why should Israel care about North Korea?

Since its rebirth in 1948, Israel has never had a deficit of enemies bent on her destruction. With Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran, why should Israel care about North Korea?

North Korea and Israel are located at the opposite ends of the Asian continent, yet the North Korean Communist dictatorship constitutes a serious threat against the Jewish state through its alliance with Iran. The Islamic Iranian regime is the undisputed godfather of global terrorism. The terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as Syria’s Assad regime, are essentially Iranian front military bases threatening Israel in both the south and the north.

However, Iran’s terror network requires more than willing manpower. It needs cash and military technology. At its core, Iran’s terror machinery is sustained through Iranian oil revenues and North Korean military technology. North Korean expertise has assisted the Iranian mullah regime in the two crucial areas that directly threaten the Jewish state: missile technology and nuclear technology.

The Iranian-North Korean Alliance

North Korea and Iran are two rogue regimes that have a mutually beneficial alliance. Cash-strapped North Korea receives funds from Iran while providing the regime in Tehran with military technology.

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Former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran strengthened the North Korean-Iranian axis by providing the strained Iranian economy with significant funds that continue to finance Tehran’s terror machinery. The former leader of the free world had caved in to two rogue regimes that threaten America, Israel and world peace.

US President Donald Trump differs dramatically from his predecessor. Trump ordered a US military strike on a Syrian military base, as a response to the Assad regime’s brutal gas attack on civilians in Syria. In his first UN speech, President Trump warned the regimes in North Korea and Iran that they are playing with fire. He condemned Iran’s threats to destroy Israel and warned that the US may “have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”

Israel Sends a Clear Messsage

On September 6 2007, the Israeli Air Force destroyed a North Korean nuclear reactor in Syria. In 1981, Israel bombed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor Osirak. This sends a clear message to the Iranian mullah regime that has repeatedly threatened to wipe out the Jewish state.

The threats on Israel’s borders are sustained by the Iranian-North Korean alliance. More than ever before, America and Israel are fighting shoulder to shoulder against common enemies in the Middle East and on the Korean peninsula. Rogue regimes have expiration dates and the Iranian and North Korean regimes will not last forever. The fall of the Iranian and North Korean regimes will severely weaken the global terror network and dramatically enhance the chances of a genuine world peace.

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By: Daniel Krygier, World Israel News