Anti-BDS group rallies Canadian support for Israeli businesses

Lev Haolam brings out hundreds to meetings in three frigid Canadian cities to support small Israeli businesses.

By: Batya Jerenberg, Word Israel News

Lev Haolam, which means “heart of the world” in Hebrew, recently held well-attended meetings in smaller Canadian cities such as Niagara and Mississauga, in addition to hosting Israel-supporters in Toronto, the center of Jewish life in Canada.

Lev Haolam hosted the events to educate Canadians about how they can join a project to fight the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, reported Arutz 7.

Snowy Canadian weather didn’t deter hundreds from turning out to hear Lev Haolam founder Nati Rom explain how his organization promotes hundreds of Israeli businesses that have been affected by BDS efforts, especially those in Judea and Samaria.

An attorney by profession, Rom calls Lev Haolam a “grassroots movement” to connect international supporters with Israel’s Jewish pioneers.

“It was very interesting and unique,” explained one of the Toronto participants. “We were happy to hear about what is happening in Israel firsthand and also to learn about the fascinating personal story of Attorney Nati Rom.”

Before developing Lev Haolam, Rom was involved in pioneering new villages in Samaria, where he lives with his family in a town called Esh Kodesh, near the Biblical village of Shiloh.

The organization sends out thousands of “surprise” packages each month to its members around the world with 6-8 different products each time. They include foods such as locally produced honey, wine, oils, chocolates, spices, dried fruits and vegetables (many of which are organic), as well as organic cosmetics, Judaica items, jewelry, artisan crafts, and household items.

In addition to Lev Haolam’s grass roots efforts to combat BDS, the Canadian government also recently joined the fight against BDS, with the Canadian Parliament approving anti-boycott-Israel laws.