Anti-Israel demonstrators threaten to ‘picket and protest’ famous Israeli singer’s concert at Harvard

A self-described ‘radical bookstore’ in Boston posted on Instagram, urging anti-Israel protestors to protest. 

By Troy O. Fritzhand, The Algemeiner

Protests are scheduled at Harvard University in opposition to one of Israel’s most popular singers, who is set to perform on Tuesday.

The concert featuring Ishay Ribo is being organized by Chabad of Harvard with the goal of raising money for Israel.

“Jewish hate and anti-Israel voices are targeting Harvard Chabad and Israeli artist, Ishay Ribo,” the campus group posted on Instagram.

Continuing, they said, “Ishay is a man who embodies profound love and peace. His music inspires the soul and elevates consciousness. Jewish consciousness, and human consciousness.”

The post came after a self described “radical bookstore” in Boston, Lucy Parsons Center, posted on its Instagram, calling on anti-Israel protestors to “Join us for a PICKET AND PROTEST” of the show.

They noted that the staff of the Sinclair Music Hall, where the concert is scheduled to take place, boycotted the event and the venue was forced to hire outside staff.

Chabad of Harvard added: “This evening was created to lift the spirits of Israeli and Jewish students suffering from Jew-hate on college campuses. Love, peace, and music will prevail.”

The protest comes as Harvard has gained a reputation since the war’s outbreak on Oct. 7 — when Hamas terrorists killed more than 1,200 Israelis and took hostage over 250 — for a lack of support of the school’s Jewish students.

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This included a Congressional hearing where then-university President Claudine Gay refused to condemn calls for the genocide of Jews, saying that they may or may not violate of Harvard’s code of conduct, “depending on the context.”

Due to plagiarism accusations and backlash over the incident, she resigned in January.