Arab man kills wife, 2 baby boys. Knesset member says ‘not guilty’. So who is?

Far-left MK lets killer off the hook, blames Public Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir for horrific slayings.

By Adina Katz, World Israel News

An Arab man who murdered his wife and two sons in a brutal stabbing attack is not responsible for the slayings – rather, the blame for the horrific murders lies with the right-wing government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a far-left lawmaker.

Baraa Jaber-Massarwa, 26, was murdered overnight Sunday, alongside her two sons, two-year-old Amir and six-month-old Adam, in the Israeli-Arab city of Tayibe, northeast of Tel Aviv.

Her husband, whose name has not been made public, has been arrested and is the sole suspect.

But MK Aida Touma-Suleiman of the Arab Joint List party released a fiery statement on Monday morning absolving the husband of responsibility for the crime and placing the blame squarely on the government and Public Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir.

While Touma-Suleiman’s statement blamed the police and government for the triple murder, there was barely a mention of the man who actually carried out the killings.

“While we slept, a woman and her two children were murdered in Tayibe. The knife used by the murderer was sharpened by the government who deliberately acts against us women and by the appointed minister who harms every plan to protect women,” charged Touma-Suleiman.

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It appears that Touma-Suleiman was referencing Ben-Gvir’s delay of a bill that would mandate electronic tracking of domestic violence suspects.

Citing concerns about civil liberties, Ben-Gvir said the bill must be rewritten to require a hearing before a judge, rather than automatically tracking anyone accused.

Because the man involved in the Tayibe case had no previous reported history of violence, even if the bill had passed, it would not have protected the victims in this specific incident.

“We will not go to our deaths like sheep to the slaughter. The time has come for us to revolt against an institution that deliberately kills us in this way, daily. We must revolt against an institution that does not carry out its minimum duties, does not monitor or deal with the issue, but rather feeds violence and lives on it,” Touma-Suleiman stated.

The Joint List party has repeatedly called the Israeli police racist. Special initiatives aimed at reducing violence within the Arab community have been slammed by the party, which claims that stricter policing of Arabs is inherently discriminatory.

A proposal from Ben-Gvir to use Shin Bet resources to solve murders in the community – the vast majority of which go unsolved due to uncooperative witnesses – was flatly rejected by the party as well.