Arab shot while breaching police roadblock in Samaria

Police stopped the assailant at a checkpoint north of Jerusalem, after which he sped toward the officers and was fatally shot.


An Arab was shot and seriously wounded Tuesday night after attempting to run through a police roadblock set near the community of Adam in Samaria, north of Jerusalem.

The police stated that the car was stopped at the checkpoint as it was suspected of being stolen. Immediately after stopping, the driver sped toward the police while endangering them.

The police responded to the threat by shooting the driver.

There were no Israeli casualties.

In related news, police arrested three Arabs who threw firebombs at the Shimon HaTzadik (Sheikh Jarrah) neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Two IDF soldiers were wounded in a terrorist attack in Samaria on Wednesday night.

The incident near Adam arrives amid an uptick in attempted car-rammings and other terror attacks.

Yesterday, a terrorist was shot and killed at a square in Hebron after attempting to attack soldiers with a gun and explosive device.

Last week, a terrorist armed with a handgun and a knife arrived at the Finger Cup Junction near the Sela military outpost in Samaria, exited his vehicle, and fired at IDF troops securing the area.

The soldiers responded by firing and killing the terrorist.

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Two of the soldiers, who were on reserve duty, were evacuated to a hospital for further medical treatment.

IDF officers at the scene praised the troops for the quick and professional response.