Some Arabs ecstatic over fires raging across Israel

As firefighters fight blazes that have ignited across Israel, Arab users on social media have expressed joy in what they hope is Israel’s eventual destruction by fire.

Arab social media users have been expressing glee and pleasure over the wave of fires Israel has been contending with since Monday, including on the World Israel News facebook page, where the hateful comments have mostly been deleted.

Users are sharing memes mocking Israel and the fires, and “#IsraelBurning” is one of the most trending hashtags in recent days.

Dahi Khalfan, the Deputy Chief of Police in Dubai, said the fires were a divine punishment for Israel’s muezzin law proposal, which would limit the hours in which Muslim clerics can call on their worshippers to pray, out of consideration to local residents.

Khalfan’s advice was to accept coexistence with the Palestinians and treat them well, as they will eventually win the battle anyhow.

A Kuwaiti religious authority named Mishari Rashed al-Afasi tweeted “good luck to the fires :)”.

He, too, said that the blazes were divine punishment for the Muezzin law and for “prohibiting the muezzin’s prayer in occupied Palestine and the stolen holy places.”

The Egyptian Mujaz news body posted a meme in which a man states that it was a good thing that Israel was burning because “no one in the world can stand” the country.

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Another Arab Twitter account posted a photo of a burning Star of David and a man jumping happily with the caption “this is my state now.”

Some expressed hope that the fires would consume strategic infrastructure and IDF bases.

“All Israel’s neighbors should lend aid – I suggest they send planes loaded with fuel which should be dropped on burning areas. I want to breathe the scent of the Zionists’ barbeqe [sic],” one user wrote.

Hundreds of Israeli firefighters, a dozen airplanes and IDF reserve units have been combating dozens of mass blazes at several locations across the country around the clock since Monday night.

The Israeli forces were joined by fleets from Greece, Croatia and Russia.

Arab arsonists are suspected of taking advantage of the harsh weather conditions to spread destruction and damage, and at least half of the blazes are believed to be the results of their acts of pyro-terrorism.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News