Arab terror attack foiled at Netanya car wash

Two Palestinian Authority residents captured after stabbing attack foiled outside of Netanya market.

By World Israel News Staff

A terrorist stabbing attack was foiled in the coastal city of Netanya Thursday.

Police operating in Netanya Thursday morning arrested two Palestinian Authority residents who were illegally residing in Israel.

The two men are suspected of planning to carry out a stabbing attack in the Netanya market. Only the timely intervention of police prevented them from carrying out the attack.

Officers carried out searches for the terrorists, locating them at a car wash adjacent to the local market. The suspects have been transferred for questioning.

Earlier on Thursday, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorists in the city of Jenin opened fire on Israeli security personnel as they were carrying out an arrest operation. According to an Israeli army statement, troops came under “massive gunfire” as they entered the Palestinian Authority-controlled city.

Two men, including a known Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist, were killed in the gun battle, while two Israeli soldiers were injured by a makeshift bomb hurled at their jeep.

The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry identified the two men who were killed as Adham Jabareen, 28, and Jawad Bawaqta, 57. Jabareen is a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group.

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The ministry claimed that Bawaqta, a teacher, was killed by troops while he was rendering aid to a wounded Jabareen.

PIJ publicly took credit for the attack against the troops.