Arab turnout in Israel’s upcoming elections projected to hit all-time low

Just 39% of Arab Israelis intend to vote in November, according to a Kan News poll • Netanyahu’s Likud Party is projected to gain 1.5 mandates among Arab voters.


Only 39% of Israeli Arabs intend to vote in the Nov. 1 elections, according to a report published on Sunday by Kan News.

According to the report, which was compiled by the Stat Net Research Institute, this is the lowest figure ever recorded among Arab Israeli citizens.

According to the poll, 44.6% of Arab Israelis voted in the elections in 2021, down from the peak figure of 64.8% in 2020.

In projecting future election results within the Arab sector, the poll found that the Joint List, which includes the Balad Party, would obtain five Knesset seats—one fewer than it currently possesses. According to the results, the United Arab List Party (Ra’am), led by Mansour Abbas, would get four mandates.

The poll also found that the Likud Party would obtain a seat and a half among Arab Israeli voters, whereas the Balad Party would not clear the electoral threshold if it ran on its own.

The remaining Arab parties were projected to win a total of eight seats—down from the 10 seats they collectively hold now.