Arab who stabbed 2 Jews sentenced to 11 months, Judge says they didn’t look scared enough

“What did [the judge] want us to do? Stand and do nothing? Go like sheep to the slaughter?”

By World Israel News staff

An Arab special education student was convicted this week and sentenced to 11 months in prison after he was accused of beating two ultra-Orthodox men with a knife in April during Operation Guardian of the Walls, Mynet Jerusalem, Ynet’s Jerusalem outlet, reported.

Judge Tamar Bar-Asher ruled that the Arab man will not compensate the Jewish men due to the conduct of the plaintiffs during the attack but will serve 11 months in prison. The State Attorney’s Office is considering an appeal of the sentence to the Supreme Court.

On April 24th, the Arab student was driving on a road near the Old City’s Damascus Gate, when he spotted the two ultra-Orthodox men and got out of his holding a sharp object. He approached the Jewish men and began attacking them, before one of them, a reserve soldier in an elite IDF unit and school principal neutralized him with his personal weapon.

During this week’s trial, Bar-Asher said that the Jewish men “walked around the scene with great confidence, reflected in the way the defendant was beaten, stepped on and kicked him while many watched,” according to Mynet.

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She added that the first plaintiff, named only by the letter ‘A’, felt “free enough to go looking for help, and looked as though he had very little fear. The same is true for ‘Y,’ who restrained the defendant on the ground with his foot and held him at gun point.”

One plaintiff reacted to the ruling, asking: “What did she want us to do? Stand and do nothing? Go like sheep to the slaughter?”

‘Y’ told Mynet Jerusalem: “I just want to tell the terrorist that to the age of 120 I will never forget the look of murderous lust in his eyes. My feeling of persecution and fear following his sudden onslaught on us never goes away. Since the attack, I have had neither day nor night. As my wife says, there was me before the attack and there is me after the attack.”