Arabs attempt to lynch Jewish driver outside Old City of Jerusalem

Arabs tried to lynch a Jewish driver outside the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday night, a report says.

By World Israel News Staff

Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem attempted to lynch a Jewish driver outside the walls of the Old City Saturday night, Arutz7 reported on Sunday.

The driver was on Sultan Suleiman road on the outskirts of Jerusalem when he was attacked by Arabs who first damaged his car.

They then attempted to drag the driver out. An Israeli police officer who happened to be in the vicinity observed what was happening and came to the driver’s rescue.

The officer fired several rounds in the air with his firearm, scaring the Arabs off, Arutz7 reports.

Police quickly located the two main suspects in the attack and took them in for questioning.

With tensions high due to a Muslim and Jewish holiday falling on the same day, Israeli police are on alert.

On Sunday, police dispersed Arab rioters on the Temple Mount.

Sunday marks Tisha B’av, the Jewish memorial day for the destruction of the First and Second Temples, which according to Jewish tradition were destroyed on the same day 585 years apart.

It also marks the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha (or “Feast of the Sacrifice”)  which celebrates Abraham’s readiness to sacrifice his son Isaac.