Arabs destroy Jewish vineyard in Judea, part of ongoing pattern

Arabs damaged a Jewish-owned vineyard in Gush Etzion, part of an ongoing pattern of agricultural terror.

By World Israel News Staff

Dozens of grape vines were cut down by Arabs in the Gush Etzion vineyards, website 0404 reports.

Arabs destroying Jewish vineyards has been an ongoing problem. In January, Arabs from Hebron, who had been given special work permits specifically to take care of an ancient vineyard, instead uprooted a new Jewish vineyard nearby, using the tools they had brought with them.

In May 2018, Palestinian Arabs vandalized 1,000 vines in a vineyard near Shiloh in Samaria that belonged to a business that produced olive oil.

“It’s the sixth time in the last decades that Arabs have destroyed our trees,” David Zitzer, CEO of the company, told The Jerusalem Post at the time. “It will be two years before the damage can be recouped.”

That same month, Arab vandals destroyed cherry orchards in Gush Etzion, the area that suffered the most recent destruction.

“We are witness to an organized attack by Arab rioters against Jewish agriculture, which repeats itself,” Gush Etzion Regional Council Head Shlomo Neeman said. “We are not speaking of youths who are bored, but nothing less than a serious attack against Am Yisrael [the Nation of Israel] and Israeli sovereignty.”

(Kfar Etzion Security)