Armed terrorist shot dead in Judea, 3 others escape

Four terrorists attempt to enter Jewish community of Tekoa; One is shot and killed, while security forces search for three others.

By World Israel News Staff

Shortly after a stabbing attack at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, four Palestinians attempted to break into the Jewish community of Tekoa in Gush Etzion on Sunday evening.

The men were reportedly armed, with one said to have used a firearm, and intended on carrying out a terrorist attack in the community.

An Arabic language news report said that one of the men opened fire at the community’s locked gate, in an attempt to gain entry. He was shot and killed by a guard.

The men had been spotted while attempting to scale a security fence around the town’s perimeter.

A video on social media showing the dead terrorist on what appeared to be the patio of a home suggests that the men were able to successfully infiltrate into the community. A knife was found next to his body.

His three accomplices fled the scene and large numbers of security forces are searching for them.

Authorities told residents of Tekoa to lock themselves inside their homes and shelter in place until the additional terrorists are caught.

The town’s guard and residents were unhurt in the incident.

On the heels of the attacks on Sunday evening, Channel 12 News reported that the Israeli government is seriously weighing a large-scale operation in Jenin — a terror hotbed in northern Samaria — and Gaza.

Israeli officially recently floated the idea of assassinating Gaza-based Hamas head Yahya Sinwar, as his incendiary speeches and calls for Palestinians to murder Israelis are believed to have directly inspired the Elad terrorists.