Army to demolish home of Palestinian murderer of Israeli father of 4

The IDF issued a demolition order for the home of Abdul Rahmani Faddal, who stabbed Adiel Kolman to death last month in the Old City of Jerusalem.

By: World Israel News Staff

Israeli security forces issued a demolition order on Sunday night for the home of Palestinian terrorist Abdul Rahmani Faddal. On March 18, Faddal stabbed Adiel Kolman in the chest, killing him outside the Lion’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The army mapped out the attacker’s home in the northern Samaria village of Aqraba, and the demolition is expected in the coming days. Faddal, 28, fled the scene following the attack, but was located by police and then shot and killed by an officer soon after the attack.

Kolman was a 32-year-old father of four who lived in the Jewish community of Kochav Hashachar in the Binyamin region.

Faddal held a temporary permit to enter Israel to look for work, which became valid on the day of the attack. Such permits are granted when the defense and intelligence services do not believe the individual poses a security risk. Faddal did not have any known ties to Palestinian terrorist organizations.