At anti-Israel event, Blinken warns Jewish state not to allow prayer at holiest site

The secretary of state also falsely equated “violence in the West Bank, perpetrated by both Palestinians and Israeli settlers.”

By Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Magazine

Addressing the annual event for the radical-left J Street, Secretary of State Blinken took an opening shot at the incoming conservative Israeli government, warning, “We expect the new Israeli Government to continue to work with us to advance our shared values, just as we have previous governments. We’ll continue to express our support for core democratic principles, including respect for the rights of the LGBT community”.

Blinken insisted that the Biden regime would hold Israel “to the mutual standards we have established in our relationship over the past seven decades” and “work relentlessly to prevent any parties from taking actions that could raise tensions or further raise tensions and push the two-state solution even further out of reach.”

This is barely a euphemism for pressuring Israel to stop Jews from living in those parts of Israel claimed by Islamic terrorists.

Despite the recent wave of Muslim terrorist attacks, Blinken falsely claimed that he had “seen dramatically higher levels of violence in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), perpetrated by both Palestinians and Israeli settlers.”

“We will also continue to unequivocally oppose any acts that undermine the prospects of a two-state solution, including, but not limited to, settlement expansion; moves toward annexation of the West Bank; disruption to the historic status quo at holy sites; demolitions and evictions; and incitement to violence,” Blinken told the group.

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Virtually every single one of these refers to behaviors that the Biden accusing Israel of, with the possible exception of “incitement to violence”.

Blinken’s reference to the “historic status quo at holy sites” is a euphemism for banning Jews from praying at the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, due to Islamic bigotry.

Finally, Blinken cautioned that while his administration is still forced to continue to “recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. As the President also said in his visit, Jerusalem is central to the national visions of both Palestinians and Israelis, and must be a city for all of its people.”

The two claims are contradictory. And indeed the Biden administration is struggling to reverse actions by the Trump administration and carve out Jerusalem for the terrorists.

Blinken blasted Israel, insisting that “the reality is that, today, Palestinians and Israelis do not enjoy equal measures of freedom, security, or opportunity.”

He led the applause for terrorist supporter Hady Amr, whom the administration had made a quasi-ambassador to the terrorists striving to destroy the Jewish State.