Austrian sent to prison for selling pro-Hitler songs

An Austrian court has convicted a man for selling “Adolf Hitler Lives,” “Goebbels for All” and other Nazi songs.

An Austrian court has convicted a man under the country’s anti-Nazi law and sentenced him to prison for selling recorded songs with titles such as “Adolf Hitler Lives” and displaying Nazi tattoos.

Austria prohibits praise or propagation of Nazi ideology. The 38-year old was tried and sentenced to 33 months in prison Tuesday in the Upper Austrian city of Steyr.

He denied wrongdoing, saying his ideology reflected the fact that “I back my nation.”

The man was not identified in keeping with privacy laws

Recordings he sold online included a song referencing Hitler’s propaganda minister — entitled “Goebbels for All”— and another praising a death camp that was set to the melody of a popular children’s song.

His tattoos include infamous Hitler accomplices and a man making the Nazi salute.

By: AP