Ayatollah Khamenei: ‘Emiratis betrayed the Islamic world’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently released a statement blasting the Emiratis for “betraying the Palestinian cause” and “making a huge mistake.”

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei slammed the UAE-Israel peace deal on Tuesday morning in a speech, saying that the United Arab Emirates had betrayed the Palestinians and the Islamic world.

Khamenei’s remarks came the day after the historic first commercial flight from Israel to the UAE, carrying a delegation of Israeli and American officials, landed in Abu Dhabi.

“Of course, the UAE’s betrayal will not last long, but this stigma will always be remembered. They allowed the Zionist regime to enter the region and forgot Palestine,” Khamenei said, according to Reuters.

“The Emiratis will be disgraced forever…I hope they wake up and compensate for what they did.”

Khamenei doubled down on his message via Twitter, writing, “The #UAE betrayed the world of Islam, the Arab nations, the region’s countries, and #Palestine.”

“The UAE rulers opened the door of the region to the Zionists, and they have ignored and normalized the question of Palestine, which is a question about the usurpation of a country.”

“This stigma will remain on them,” he added.

After the U.S.-brokered peace deal between the UAE and Israel was announced August 13, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani released a statement blasting the Emiratis for “betraying the Palestinian cause” and “making a huge mistake.”

Iranian Army chief of staff Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri declared that “Tehran’s approach to the UAE will change.”

“If something happens in the Persian Gulf region and if our national security is compromised, however slightly, we will hold the UAE responsible for that and we will not tolerate it,” he added.

The UAE’s Foreign Ministry released a statement calling the comments “unacceptable, inflammatory, and carrying serious repercussions for the security and stability of the Arabian Gulf region.”

They considered the remarks to be “interference in UAE internal affairs and an assault on its sovereignty.”

Emirati state-run media agency WAM reported that Iran’s Head Diplomat in the UAE was summoned to the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Abu Dhabi and given a “strongly worded memo.”