Ban weapons exports to Israel: Top EU official

“Netanyahu doesn’t listen to anyone,” complains EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell.

By World Israel News Staff

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell last week called upon countries allied with Israel, including the U.S., to cease exporting weapons to the Jewish State due to the death toll in the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

During a press conference in Brussels with Phillippe Lazzarini, the head of UNRWA, Borrell urged countries to take steps to prevent Israel from continuing its military operations.

He slammed U.S. President Joe Biden for stating that “too many” lives have been lost in Gaza during the fighting.

“Well, if you believe that too many people are being killed, maybe you should provide less arms in order to prevent so many people [being] killed. Isn’t that logical?” Borrel said.

“If the international community believes that this is a slaughter, that too many people are being killed, maybe we have to think about the provision of arms,” he added.

Borrell added that world leaders should stop expressing sorrow over civilian deaths and instead take punitive actions against Israel.

“How many times have you heard the most prominent leaders and foreign ministers around the world saying too many people are being killed?” he asked.

“Everybody goes to Tel Aviv, begging ‘please don’t do that, protect civilians, don’t kill so many’. How many is too many? What is the standard?” Borrell said. “Netanyahu doesn’t listen to anyone.”

Notably, Borrell did not acknowledge extensive efforts by Israel to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza, including giving residents time to evacuate cities where military operations are set to begin and dropping leaflets informing Gazans of upcoming airstrikes.

Borrell did not offer a solution as to how Israel can eliminate the Hamas terror group and oust it from power in the Strip while avoiding civilian casualties.