BDS bullies attack pop star Billie Eilish for saying ‘Hi Israel’

To the displeasure of Palestinian supporters, the indie singer said “Hi Israel” in 20-second promotional video.

By David Hellerman, World Israel News

Indie singer Billie Eilish gave Palestinians a bellyache when she said “Hi Israel” in a 20-second promotional video posted on Tik Tok.

“Hi Israel, this is Billie Eilish, and I’m so excited that my new album, ‘Happier Than Ever,’ is out now. Swipe up to listen,” she said.

The 19-year-old singer and songwriter posted a similar greeting to Vietnam.

Palestinian supporters responded with bitter cancel culture vitriol.

One person going by the Twitter handle @aunaturelbaby simply tweeted, “Cancel .@billieeilish #FREEPALESTINE” The tweet included three small Palestinian flags.

A young woman with the Twitter handle @elumax tweeted, “if you support billie eilish unfollow me right now /srs”

@shahed04354616 tweeted, “@billieeilish “hi israel” we’ll gonna unfollow you bc you deserve it , educate yourself and see what israel are doing for palestine children…..”

The tweet included several hashtags including #BILLIEELISHSUPPORTISRAEL #unfollowbillieelish

One Palestinian identified only by the Twitter handle, @stunna_juju tweeted, “My opinion as a Palestinian individual on the Billie Eilish ‘Hi Israel’ situation is that, she is clearly not supporting Israel, she was simply making a promotion her management team forced her to do, it’s obvious that it was not her intention to bring up Israel at all anyways Loudly crying face”