Ben Shapiro raps about his yarmulke, disses Woke Left in chart-topping rap song

The famed conservative Jewish commentator who panned rap years ago joins singer MacDonald to take aim at the Woke Left.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Ben Shapiro, a prominent American Orthodox Jewish conservative commentator, has shot up to No. 1 on iTunes with his appearance in an aggressively anti-woke rap song by Canadian singer MacDonald.

The Daily Wire cofounder has one stanza in the almost 3.5 minute long song called “Facts,” in which MacDonald takes aim at the progressive Left.

In “Facts,” Shapiro boasted about his successful career while mocking critics: “You’re going to prison / I’m on television / Dawg, no one knows who you are.”

He also mentions the “hating on me on the internet, my comments sections all woke Karens.”

In a perhaps lighter moment, he is seen sitting behind his desk on his Ben Shapiro Show, in a suit jacket and with skullcap clearly visible, chanting about his religious headgear, “Dawg, it’s a yarmulke, homie, no cap.”

MacDonald raps that he’s “not ashamed because I’m white” and pans generalizations, saying, “If every Caucasian is a bigot then I guess every Muslim is a terrorist, every liberal is right.”

He also rails against “pronouns,” referring to the argument regarding gender that has swept the progressive cultural scene.

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In his anti-drugs, anti-gangs, pro-guns refrain, which Shapiro joins, MacDonald strongly backs Shapiro’s well-known aphorism “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” which is emblazoned on the gray hoodie the commentator wears for most of the music video.

“I don’t care if I offend you, I was put here to upset you,” the artist sings, which the fast-talking analyst surely agrees with, as he seems to relish putting down his opponents verbally when answering their challenges to his political or cultural beliefs. MacDonald also adds, “I ask myself, ‘What would Ben do?’”

In one of his last lines, Shapiro says he’s “just doing this for fun” while asking for “my people” to help it become No. 1 on the charts. It did, although it may have been a jarring moment for his followers, as he has criticized rap for years, saying it “isn’t music.”

Still, one assumes his tongue was firmly in his cheek when he changed his biography on X to “America’s #1 Rapper.”