Bennett says Netanyahu can count his support; accused of hoping Netanyahu fails

Bennett is being accused of secretly hoping Netanyahu fails.

By David Isaac, World Israel News 

Yemina leader Naftali Bennett told a faction meeting on Monday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could count on his party’s support in establishing a right-wing government, but others on the Right say that in reality he’d like to see Netanyahu fail.

Bennett said at the meeting, “In our meetings I told Mr. Netanyahu, and I say again here, that Likud can count the Yemina faction in for the establishment of a right-wing government.”

But right-wing sources tell Israel Hayom on Monday that “if Naftali Bennett really wanted to form a right-wing government, he would announce that it was either a right-wing government or a fifth election and then all the pressure would go to” other factions to join the coalition.

Those others include former Likud MK Gideon Saar, leader of the right-wing New Hope party, and even Benny Gantz of Blue and White, a more centrist party and currently a member of the coalition. Neither has shown the slightest interest in joining with Netanyahu this time.

The sources presented as evidence that Bennett isn’t serious a video disseminated by one of his party’s members showing a well-known Israeli news anchor saying that the opposition bloc is actually made up of right-wing members.

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“Why is it important for an activist from a right-wing party, which as they claim wants to form a government with the Right, to spread a clip that says the other bloc is not Left at all?! It seems like [Yemina is] preparing the ground to go with them and claim that this is not a left-wing bloc. Otherwise, there is no other explanation for it,” the sources told Israel Hayom.

Netanyahu and Bennett met on Thursday. “The meeting was conducted in a good spirit and in a positive atmosphere. It was agreed that they would meet again,” according to a joint statement issued by Likud and Yemina.

Netanyahu currently has 52 Knesset seats. He needs 61 to form a government.