Biden trip won’t immediately impact gas prices

After meeting Saudi leaders, President says gas prices in U.S. won’t significantly decline “for another couple of weeks.”

By Associated Press

President Joe Biden said Friday that gas prices across the U.S. “have been coming down every single day to the best of my knowledge” but cautioned that his visit to Saudi Arabia may not have an immediate impact on what Americans are paying at the pump.

The Biden administration has said that record high rates of U.S. inflation aren’t yet reflecting falling gas prices, which have been dropping in many parts of the country since mid-June. Asked about whether his trip to the Middle East would further accelerate those declines, Biden responded: “I suspect you won’t see that for another couple of weeks.”

Speaking to reporters, the president was also asked about Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to a White House backed energy plan that Biden says can lower costs while also combating climate change.

Manchin’s refusing to support the plan could mean it won’t pass the Senate. Biden said, “I didn’t negotiate with Joe Manchin,” but added of his climate change goals, “I’m not going away.”

Biden vowed to use “every power I have as president” to move the U.S. toward greener energy.