Bill Maher rips Biden’s speech to black graduates, says he’s ‘living in the past’

‘We’re not living in the year where you have to be ‘10 times better’ to succeed if you’re a person of color.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Comedian and TV host Bill Maher blasted President Joe Biden’s “not helpful’ and “anachronistic” generalizations about race in America he made during a commencement speech to black graduates.

On Sunday, Biden gave a commencement speech at Morehouse, a historically black college, during which he claimed that the graduates have to “be 10 times better than anybody else just to get a fair shot.”

Biden also implied Republicans were racist when he said, “They don’t see you in the future of America. But they’re wrong.”

Speaking on the Gutfeld! program on Fox News, Bill Maher called Biden’s remarks “not helpful” and “anachronistic.”

He explained, “First of all, it’s anachronistic. I mean, that speech would’ve made sense some years ago.”

Maher added, “I think we should acknowledge that racism still persists and we should always be making remedies for it. But we’re not in the past.”

“I always keep saying, let’s live in the year we’re living in. We’re not living in the year where you have to be ‘10 times better’ to succeed if you’re a person of color,” Maher explained.

“In some instances, it’s an advantage. In some places, it’s not an advantage but we’re not living in that world that he’s talking about. And I don’t think that helps anybody.”

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Bill Maher, who has described himself as a liberal, often faces criticism for attacking the woke left on his “Real Time” program.

Although progressives claim Maher has become a conservative, he maintains, “Let’s get this straight. It’s not me who’s changed, it’s the left.”

He added, “A large contingent (of the Left) has gone mental, and I’m willing to call them out.”

Maher has also come under fire for his outspoken support for Israel on his weekly show, particularly since October 7th.

In a December 2023 episode, Bill Maher called out anti-Israel protesters. He said, “The Palestinian people should know, your leaders, and the useful idiots on college campuses who are their allies, are not doing you any favors by keeping alive the ‘River to the Sea’ myth.”

Maher continued that Israel is “one of the most powerful countries in the world, with a $500 billion economy, the world’s second-largest tech sector after Silicon Valley, and nuclear weapons. They’re here, they like their bagel with schmear, get used to it.”