Blasts in Syria were military exploding ‘terrorist bombs,’ says state media

State media in Syria dismissed a series of blasts as military actions detonating bombs left behind by “terrorists.”

By World Israel News Saff

Blasts heard near the the Syrian city of Aleppo were caused by the army exploding “bombs abandoned by ‘terrorists,'” Reuters reported on Wednesday.

This explanation was provided by the official statement released by state media.

According to the report, explosions close to the Hamdaniya highway were planned Syrian military exercises, not a strike by anti-regime forces or Israel.

A concurrent report in Israel Hayom described videos on social media showing damage to the ground in the area from large explosions and smoke billowing from the impact points.

Israel Hayom also reported on a separate incident, during which missiles were fired by regime forces at an oil refinery operated by rebels north of Aleppo, leading to one casualty.

In January, Israel’s Kan public broadcasting released rare recordings of pilots hitting targets in Syria during one of the many attacks that Israel has carried out in the last year over its northern border to deter Iran and its proxies from gaining a foothold in the country.

According to foreign press reports, Israel hit Syria five times in January alone, with an especially effective strike killing dozens of Iran-backed militia and destroying weapons facilities on the Iraqi border.

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Israel has admitted to thousands of strikes in Syria over the last several years against Iranian or their proxies’ military outposts, ammunition storage and rocket production sites, and the like.