BLM, Antifa part of Democrat party’s ‘militia wing,’ says Fox talk show host Mark Levin

Mark Levin, host of Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” talk show, warns likeminded viewers that “we’re gonna lose this country” if they don’t take action.

Slamming U.S. President Joe Biden and Democrats, talk show host Mark Levin warned of their “radical agenda,” saying that Black Lives Matter  and Antifa “thugs” are part of the party’s “militia wing,” Fox News reported.

Levin, host of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” told his audience Sunday night that party is becoming “increasingly more aggressive,” describing its tactics as “tyranny by legislature.”

“They hate you,” he stated.

Referring specifically to President Joe Biden, he said it’s “too bad he doesn’t understand he’s an autocrat,” adding that former President Donald Trump, in comparison, tried “protecting” the American people.

“We have tyranny by the executive branch. They don’t want to know what we think. They don’t ask for our input,” Levin charged.

“We have never seen anything like this before,” he said.

“We have a House of Representatives where the Speaker of the House rules like she’s some kind of a fascist,” he alleged. ” She has proxy voting, so members don’t have to show up. They don’t even have to show up.”

He then went on to attack the media, saying they encouraged the violent BLM riots in American cities last summer, a few months ahead of the U.S. presidential election, following the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of police.

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“These autocratic regimes, in these Marxist and fascist regimes. What do they have? They have their thugs. And all through last summer, their thugs were burning cities, attacking cops, assaulting people, killing people, and the media supported it,” he said.

“The media celebrated it,” he continued.

“Now, this is not a constitutional republic when this sort of thing is happening. What’s happening is we’re empowering the Democrat Party. We’re empowering this one force. And this is what they do in autocratic regimes,” he declared.

“They have one party systems. Look at California, look at New York, look at Illinois, look at some of these other states….that’s going to be America if they get their way,” he concluded.